Kasper Schmeichel has bragged about defense of Salah penalty.

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Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel has bragged about Mohamed Salah‘s defense of Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah penalty.

Leicester, who suffered a series of injuries and recently lost 3-6 to Manchester City, returned to form a stellar performance against Liverpool 1-0 as Kasper Schmeichel defended Mohamed’s penalty. Salah got it in the first half.  

Salah had a chance to shoot for the Reds to take the lead. But beaten to save Schmeichel, when the second stroke has repeatedly headed, it hit the crossbar again. 

The Danish national team goalkeeper opened up about the key rhythm of the game. “I didn’t study his shooting. But I used my feelings and went after them.”  

“The last penalty I saved at the King Power Stadium, they were able to repeat the shot. Sometimes you just need the luck we have today. It’s different from the game against City that doesn’t have it.” 

Leicester had also played two days earlier, in a 6-3 loss at Man City, while Liverpool was fresh after its match against Leeds — scheduled for the same day — was postponed.

“It is so hard to put it into words — to play Manchester City and Liverpool within 48 hours … It’s an absolutely heroic performance,” said Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers, who used to coach Liverpool.

“We knew we’d have to defend well at times but we knew we could play football as well. An amazing result for us with everything we’re going through against one of the best teams in the world.”

Klopp said too many of his players delivered performances “below normal level.”