Karim Benzema reveals 2021 will be the best year to play with the King

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Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has call 2021 the best year of his career at the Royal Palace. Karim Benzema ‘s record-breaking performance in 2021 earned him. “Madrid Sports Press Association” (APDM) award. Which is give to successful athletes each year.

Karim Benzema the 34-year-old spearhead said of the work in the past year that. “I am happy and proud to receive this award. It was the best year because I scored a lot of goals. Do a lot of assists and help your teammates win.”

“The goal with Real Madrid is to win trophies. and win in every competition we are doing well We still have opportunities in UFABET every program. We are working hard and ready to fight for trophies this season.”

Benzema and Real Madrid are set to play their next match in the Copa del Rey quarter-final away to Athletic Bilbao on Thursday, February 3.

Karim Benzema make his debut from 1996-2005, playing in professional youth football in Lyon.   French youth club then in 2004-2006 promote to professional club football in 2004-2009 with Olympique Lyon 2009. Which is the current club that is currently participating in football. The style of play is very skillful and agile and has great agility throughout playing in the forward position.