Georginho Wijnaldum has opened up to the idea of ​​a move to Arsenal

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Holland midfielder Georginho Wijnaldum has opened up to the idea of ​​a move to Arsenal. The underscoring the failure to sign for Paris Saint-Germain.

Dutch midfielder who won the Champions League And the Premier League and Liverpool are not yet keen on ending their careers with the French capital immediately. but ready to leave for the right opportunity.

According to Sky Sports and UFABET , Wijnaldum has been a long-standing fan of the Gunners and is aiming for a move to the Emirates Stadium.

Kaveh Solekol told The Transfer Show: “The situation is that Genie Wijnaldum is injured right now. He wouldn’t say that in public. ‘I want to leave PSG’ because you don’t want to ruin your relationship with the fans.

“But what we have been told is that he wants to return to the Premier League. I’m not saying he wants to come back today, this week or even this summer. but he wants to come back And we’ve always been told that he wants to play for Arsenal.”

“They are a team that he admired a lot during their growth. That was definitely what attracted him.”

“If PSG sign (Tenguey) Ndombele on loan, they will let a midfielder go, right? So can Wiinaldum become Arsenal’s choice? We know Arsenal are looking for a midfielder.”

“PSG always said, ‘We don’t want him to leave’.