Bernardo Silva has set three goals for Manchester City this season.

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Bernardo Silva has set three goals for Manchester City for both club and country this season.

Bernardo is in a brilliant display as Manchester City lead the Premier League by six points, while the Champions League progresses to the last 16. 

In addition, there is a chance to lead Portugal through to the finals of the World Cup, now that the team has to win in the play-off round to face Turkey and if they win, they will go to the winner of the match between Italy and North. Sidonia 

The 27-year-old said: “My goal this season is to win the Premier League. Win the Champions League and qualify for the World Cup final, if we can do that, it doesn’t matter if I score five goals or 40, it really doesn’t matter. 

“We are happy with the current situation. Happy leading the Premier League and qualifying for the Champions League. League with group champions But now we’re just halfway through the season. We’re halfway done. We are in a good situation in every program.”